ARFFC has declared a missing file report. At 1:25 AM EST, someone by the name of Apollo (aspringmario) has gone missing. Nobody knows where he was last seen because we are very lazy and barely anyone saw it. One witness has said that he was last seen on Innovation Inc. property at a cafe. The police are currently finding him. One has also said that he was not invited to dinner, which another one has said that there is possibly something in the food.


Kylealta has been arrested for cause of mitosis on private property. This incident was caused in The Hall of Innovation Security. This was caused at the crack of dawn. The incident and kyle is being investigated. He is scheduled to court this week, and may be sentenced 5 years in prison.

CombatSwift T-posing:

Wh-what... who added this in the article? Who took this picture? WHAT... H-how is this even in the news? Who approved this? Why is this a thing? Who's responsible for this. I am going to find out. Hopefully CombatSwift didn't see this...